Song Submission

DOES YOUR SONG HAVE MOXY?  LET US PRODUCE IT!  Adrian Young (of No Doubt) and Todd Forman (of Sublime & Jelly of the Month Club) are the MOXY BROTHERS music production team and we want to produce your song!   

So how do you enter?

1.     Send your song in mp3 format, Instagram handle, and location to us at, with the Subject line "Moxy Me" between November 5, 2019" – November 25, 2019. 

2.     We will choose one song we feel has the “Moxy.”  The tune with the best combination of SONG, STORY, and VIBE will stand out.  We will not judge based on the production quality of your submission.  Record it on your phone if you have to!

3.     Soon thereafter we will announce the winning song via Instagram and get in contact with you.

4.     From there we will happily assist in all aspects of music production, including composition, arrangement, and recording.

5.     We will then set a date to come to your home town!  Of course, Adrian and Todd will record what is needed (including Adrian Young on the drums if necessary) in our Ruby Red Room studio. Once the initial production is complete, we will pack up our mobile recording studio loaded with the latest Universal Audio gear and bring the remaining production process to you! Oh ya! The winner will also receive their very own Universal Audio Apollo X4 Desktop Interface!

6.     No matter your location, we will come to you (at our own expense) and record your performances for the song. 

Let’s have some fun and make great music together!

*By participating in our contest you will also receive Grammy-winning audio recording tips & tricks and new product updates via email from Universal Audio.  You can unsubscribe at any time.​

*Please note that your song submission will not be shared with any third party.