Who The F**k Are The Moxy Brothers?

Long Beach-based musicians turned producers, Adrian Young and Todd Forman played a fundamental role in the Southern California music scene since the 1980's.  Their bands, No Doubt and Sublime, are multi-platinum, genre-melding cultural icons that helped pave the way for many of the artists we hear today.

Their musical paths crossed countless times over the years and their unwavering friendship and passion for music have inspired the Moxy Brothers production team.  

With vast talents and experience, Moxy Brothers infuse their productions with diverse tones and encyclopedic references from New Wave to Pop, Alternative to Punk, Metal to Blues, and Ska to Reggae — all serving to celebrate the sounds of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 


Music Production & Studio

Moxy Brothers offer all the recording studio services you need — with the added benefit of performing drums, guitar, keyboards, and saxophone on your recording when desired.





Check out some of the music Todd and Adrian have performed, produced, or co-written.


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